Seth Benson

Hey there! I’m Seth.

I lead UX & UI Design at TrendyMinds. I have a passion for helping teams simplify complexity while creating consistency. I strive to ensure people on the other side of the screen are delighted with the experiences we create–all while exceeding client goals.

I’ve had the pleasure to both, design for, and lead teams on, projects and products for the following clients.

Indiana University Health

Screenshot of homepage for Indiana University Health website.
Screenshot of homepage for Indianapolis Public Library website

Indianapolis Public Library

Our team worked to eliminate patron confusion stemming from an abundance of disparate third-party search tools as well as improve awareness & access to both physical and digital offerings from the library.

Search Institute

Initial updates to fragmented brand focused on consistency, clarity and ease of use while setting the stage for a resource hub for educators & caregivers

Screenshot of homepage of
Screenshot of homepage of

Riley Children’s Foundation

Updated site design language with focus on providing flexibility and customization for content author.

Indiananapolis International Airport

Worked with team to create quick to understand tools for travelers on the go, while refreshing a brand that was out of sync with it’s world-class, perennial award-winning status.

Screenshot of homepage of
Screenshot of Homepages of

Kappa Alpha Theta

Oversaw team through UX & UI of launching updates for a 150 year old brand.